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Ordering your shop-and-deliver service is straightforward and cost-effective. 


Whether you are self-isolating, prefer to avoid the grocery stores line-ups, or treating a family member, you'll love personal shopping by Ottawa Valley Deliveries. 

Select which drop-off location, and whether you would like an in-town, or out of town delivery.   Don't worry - you don't need to have your grocery list ready to reserve your delivery.

What and how do I pay?


Delivery fee - you pay your delivery fee now to reserve your delivery window.  This fee varies based on your delivery town, and drop-off location. Additional stops are 4.99 (inc HST).

Receipt - the total from all receipts can be paid via cash, e-transfer or cheque.  We don't accept credit card payment for your purchase total, so that we can offer our services at the lowest price possible.

Shopping fee - our shopping fee is 10% of your receipt total, plus HST.  We send you an invoice which can be paid by credit, cash, e-transfer or cheque.



Other questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us at or 613-898-8565



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