Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a delivery?

Booking a delivery slot is easy!  Choose the shopping trip that fits your delivery location, and store.  Check availability, and reserve your spot.  You don't even need to know what you want yet, so feel comfortable ordering days or even a week into the future. 

Alternatively, you can call in your order!  Leave us a message with your name, and phone number, and we will call you to get all the details. 

How do I communicate my grocery order?

When you book your delivery time slot, we send you an online order form.  The order form is straight forward, and can be completed immediately, or a few days before your delivery.  We'll follow up if we don't hear from you before hand!

What if my item is out of stock?

When you submit your order, you have the option to allow no substitutions, or give us the flexibility to make substitutions if stock doesn't allow.  We highly suggest letting us make substitutions, as there are frequent shortages.  We will only make what we feel are reasonable substitutions, like substituting gluten free linguini if gluten free spaghetti isn't available.  We'll also touch base during our shop to let you know!

Do you take special requests, or other areas?

We are working on expanding our coverage areas, and we do our best to make accommodations. Contact us through the contact page, or e-mail us at .

How much is it?

Our fee for in town deliveries is $7.99 (includes HST) and 10% plus HST of the cost of your purchase.  Prices vary for out of town pick-ups and out-of-town deliveries.

How do you perform contact free deliveries?

At the grocery store, we load your groceries into sanitized bin.  At your house, we unpack those bins on the lawn, inside the garage, or in the backyard!  You don't even need to be home for grocery deliveries.  If we need to see your ID for alcohol delivery, we can view it through the door or a front window. 

What's up with the weekly features?

Each week we feature an awesome product from an amazing local business in the community.  It could be locally roasted coffee, tasty treats, or another favorite from the Arnprior Market.  The entire purchase price of the local feature item, goes directly to the vendor.  We don't take a cut or charge any added fee, and we drop it off at your door with your order. 

Can I still donate at the check-out, or make a donation to the food bank? 

At the end of the order form, let us know if you'd like to add your donation to the Arnprior Food Bank (Metro),  or if you'd like us to buy something from No Frills or Metro to drop off at the donation bins.

Lost?  Still have questions?

We are always here for your questions!  This is a new process for many of us, and we can walk you through each step!

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